We love live music.  EasyGrotto.com was created to be a community where music enthusiasts of all kinds can come listen, watch and partake in the wonderful medium that is music.

On our blog, you’ll find artist and festival updates, videos and recommendations in what’s trending musically right now.  Unfortunately, I can’t really describe to you “what” we consider good music to be…we just know it.  It’s going to sound corny as hell for me to label the genres we jam to.  Everybody does that. Instead, you should visit our Turbtable.FM room. There you can join an interactive music environment, for free. Hop up on the virtual stage and play tunes with us in real-time.

Room Rules:
Before I mentioned the Room Rules, let me first say that I made this room to be relatively relax on the “rules.” Rules suck. So we just have some GUIDELINES to abide by and keep people happy overall.

1. Play good music.
This is a particularly important guideline. We want to hear variety. Aside from variety we want to hear music that makes us think, inspires movement, or makes us any sort of high. If you play Lil Wayne in The Easy Grotto, you will be escorted. I’m from Miami (if that means anything) and I have partied out to a Lil Wayne Eminem jam flying down NE 163rd street. It only makes sense to listen to that shit on THAT road and at a Hialeah strip club.

2. Don’t be a douche.

3. Be ‘mindful’ of other people in the room. If you noticed someone queued up 30 minutes ago, consider hopping down and letting them on stage. Just be a decent person!

That’s really it for rules. I was tired of joining other rooms and feeling like I was under pressure to do things a certain way. That shit’s no fun and it’s also a pain in the ass if you’re working for a living. I don’t need crybaby mods bitching at me because I didn’t exit the stage instantaneously after my play.

Separately –

The songs and videos you’ll find here are the property of the said original artists. We stand behind what we publish and only endorse music that we believe to be of sufficient quality in their own respects.

Please participate! We want our readers to voice their opinions about what you encounter here and on Turntable.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to give some feedback – send an email to connect@easygrotto.com.