04 Dec. 2011

Pretty Lights Dishes Out Free Music

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If you’re a torrent user and love free music connections, today is probably a good day for you. Whether you’re a fan of the electro hip-hop movement, or just starting to get into it; Pretty Lights evokes a musical style that is totally unique, and full of soulful funk that is worth looking into.

Otherwise known as Derek Vincent Smith, Pretty Lights has headlined a number of major music festivals including Coachella and Ultra Music Festival in 2010. During 2011, Smith played at Bonnaroo, where “I Know The Truth” debuted. He also headlined the All Good Music Festival, Electric Forest and the Snow Ball in Avon, Colorado. He utilizes Dual-Macbook Pro computers running Ableton Live 8
and two Akai MPD32s during his live performances.


A little bit of something for everyone, Pretty Lights combines funky, glitch-like beats with stylistic house and dance rhythms. Some faster and more intense, like I Know The Truth, others, a bit more mellow like Finally Moving, but still evoking a feeling of a need to move your body.

So why is Pretty Lights giving out his music for free? During an interview with BitTorrent, Smith said,

“I believe that the recipe for my success has been three fold. One, producing fresh and original soulful music. Two, continuing to always invest back in the production of my live show/experience. And three, pushing the envelope in the way that I distribute my music online to new listeners. The third is why I’m so excited to be partnering with BitTorrent.”

Historically, Pretty Lights has typically offered his music for free to the masses through other mediums while sometimes asking for a donation. This is because many of his songs include samples from a variety of genres that would require various licensing and approval to release for compensation.

From BitTorrent:
“this bundle includes some of Glowing In The Darkest Night (EP – 8 tracks), Making Up A Changing Mind (EP – six tracks), Spilling Over Every Side (EP), Pretty Lights Live @Bonaroo (Video), and the bonus hit single I Know The Truth.”

You can download the torrent bundle directly from BitTorrent right here. If you wish to support Pretty Lights, you can purchase his albums via MP3 on Amazon right here.