24 Nov. 2011

Umphrey’s McGee Releases First Video

On November 22nd – up and coming iconic jam banders Umphrey’s McGee released their first ever full length music video for the song Booth Love off their new album Death By Stereo.

Umphrey’s has a powerful, and at this point a well established stage presence. It’s good to see them branch out and experiment with video styling. ‘Booth Love’ features the bands 6 members partaking in various escapades throughout the city of Chicago, where the band got its start. Trailing a trio of lovely ladies as they galavant throughout the city and visit Wrigley Field, there’s no question that the visuals here evoke a calming summertime feel.

The song itself could be painted a couple of different ways, but I think Brendan Bayliss (Founding Singer/Guitarist) describes the root of it best:

“Finally, we have the right song and the right visual to go along with it. ‘Booth Love’ is a sexy tune, and I think the video is pretty sexy, too.”

Going back in time a little ways, Booth Love does indeed give off a sexy 70s feeling of funk within the first measure.  While it may be ideal to close your eyes and enhance your sense of hearing at the office…you should probably check out the women on rollerblades featured in this video.

For more Umphrey’s McGee music and insight, check out their website, and their YouTube channel here.