16 Nov. 2011


If you haven’t heard about this new form of online streaming, your world is about to expand. A free, chat based visual environment; turntable.fm lets you play music with your friends. Working in cohorts with social network and streaming giants like Facebook and Spotify, the site allows you to get into a new kind of musical affair.  You don’t even have to create an account, simply login through Facebook.

Join a “room” that fits whatever musical genre you’re in the mood for.  Upon entering, you’ll see your own “avatar” (the graphical representation of yourself) place him or herself in front of the DJ stage.  Notice the 5 avatars up on the stage?  Those are the current DJ’s spinning tunes for the entire room.  Spend a little time in any room and you’ll notice various ways to interact with the environment and enhance your music listening experience.

Like that song that’s being played?  Scroll your mouse over the center of the DJ booth and you’ll see several icons appear.  These icons lead to software that has partnered with turntable.fm.

For example, if you have iTunes or Spotify, click the corresponding icon and it will automatically open the program.  You can then buy or add that song to a library or playlist of your choice instantly!

Not a big fan of the song someone played?  Chances are you aren’t the only one.  Users in every turntable.fm room can “Awesome” a song or “Lame” it.  When you awesome a track, it gives the current DJ one “DJ point.”  Lame the song and that DJ won’t get anything but closer to having his song skipped.  Too many lames and you’re out!  If you decide to DJ, make sure you play songs within the genre mentioned in the room description so you can start acquiring points.  As you acquire points overtime, other users will not only have more respect for your musical tastes but you’ll gain access to more avatars.

Hint: Want more points and fans?

  • Play good music within a genre consistently.
  • Stretch musical boundaries within that genre to keep the room fresh, but don’t stretch those boundaries too far.
  • Don’t play the same artist over and over.  Show your audience that your musical tastes are diversified.

What’s a “fan” ?

Say you’ve really been digging some of the tracks a particular DJ has been playing.  Scroll over his or her avatar and click “Fan.”  This is pretty much the same thing as adding this user as a friend.    You’ll be able to see which rooms users you’ve fanned hang out.  Keep in mind that other users can also fan you!  They will also show up on the list of rooms.

Turntable is a great frugal alternative to a paid streaming subscription. Download the free mobile app for your iPhone right here! Join a room and you’ll have real people playing quality music in the genre of your choice. This service provides a great opportunity to learn about new music that otherwise would go unheard of in many cases. Plug your phone into your car, listen at the office or the beach!

The most standout aspect of this service is that you’re enjoying a music listening experience in real time with real people.  A computer isn’t randomly deciding what song is going to come on next. A wealth material strewn about the unexplored musical abyss is now accessible at your fingertips.

Check out turntable.fm now!